by Project Collectio...
Oct 1, 2012
10:24 PM

Upgrade: New Version of LabDefaultTemplate.xaml. To upgrade your build definitions, please visit the following link:

by Project Collectio...
Oct 1, 2012
10:16 PM

Checked in by server upgrade

by LeeLeahy
Dec 10, 2007
4:26 AM

* Added I2C test program - BlinkBlueRedLed

* Added I2C test program - RoboStixTest
* Added API for I2C - API_I2C
* Added runtime driver - DRV_I2C
* Environment variable BSP_I2C - Includes I2C driver
* Environment variable BSP_ROBOSTIXTEST - Includes I2C test program

Naming Convention
* PXA27x_abc headers reside under Src\Common\PXA27x

by LeeLeahy
Dec 4, 2007
2:56 AM

ATmega128 Sources
* Added testing application for I2C
* Added beginnings of I2C support
* Added debug text support
* Added EEPROM read and write support

* Added Tweener board documentation
* Added proposed JTAG board changes

* Fix initialization to ignore errors that prevent loader from starting

* Added initial support for I2C

* Added EBoot_JTAG, a boot loader that downloads images via JTAG

* Add missing dirs file

Platform Builder
* Updated catalog file thanks to Paul Yao

* Updated automatic solver algorithms

by LeeLeahy
Nov 21, 2007
3:18 AM

* Run-Time Library - ATmega128 code to support Timer and USART0
* RoboStix code - ATmega128 code to support LEDs
* Applications - ATmega128 code to flash LEDs and test USART0
* Fix flash write support

* EBoot_RSTerm - Connects debug serial port to RoboStix USART0
* EBoot_RoboStix - Download HEX files to the RoboStix program flash and EEPROM
* EBoot_InFlash now starts RoboStix
* Add Intel Hex file support
* Update web configuration to support RoboStix
* Add loader target support (RAM, Flash, RoboStix)
* Restructure flash support to enable multiple flash targets

Virtual Display
* Add refresh interval to Platform.reg
* Slow the default refresh interval to support a 13 MHz clock

* Add Tweener board documentation
* Document RoboStix support in GS270_BSP.html

by LeeLeahy
Nov 13, 2007
7:13 AM

624 MHz Verdex support
* Support additional clock speeds

Initial robostix support
* Add robostix documentation
* Add common robostix support
* Add dump support for ATmega128 flash, EEPROM and fuses

Debug support
* Add routine to display decimal numbers with separators
* Add routine to display Unicode strings
* Add decode of ccsr to clock decode routines
* Add decode of CP15 C1 and C3 to Dump_Virtual2Physical_Cfg
* Add support to display debug data at end of EBoot
* Add processes page to webslacker2
* Attempt to compute instructions per second

* Timeout LAN91C detection of the Ethernet cable
* Fix default download code

Source cleanup
* Move delay functions into OST

by LeeLeahy
Nov 2, 2007
5:23 AM


* Bluetooth is not working. Running makeimg with BSP_BLUETOOTH=1 and BSP_BTUART=1 includes the original driver. Running makeimg with BSP_BLUETOOTH=1 without BSP_BTUART set includes the new driver.


* The PDA configuration includes Bluetooth support. Please set the environment variable BSP_BLUETOOTH=1 to include Bluetooth support in the image.

Dump Support

* The API_Dump library was split into several libraries.
* The dump routines are in API_Dump.lib.
* Boot loaders and the OAL should link against LIB_Dump.lib to obtain the DisplayCharacter routine.
* Drivers should link against DLL_Dump.lib and Drv_Logging.lib to obtain the DisplayCharacter routine.


* Updated the version number to 5.953 due to the changes to the LAN9117 driver and removing the wait after serial loading.
* LAN9117 fails to the next device if the link is not established within five seconds.

Environment Variable Changes

* Changed BSP_BT to BSP_BLUETOOTH for readability
* Removed the use of BSP_BTPBA31307

LAN9117 Driver

* Breakup the auto-negotiation operation into a start, check for complete, and complete routines.
* Add link state change detection with auto-detection to the run-time driver.
* Fix a bug with transmit.

Logging Driver

* A logging driver is now part of the configuration. This driver empties a ring buffer and outputs the data to the debug serial port. Other driver may link to DRV_Logging.lib to include the logging routine that place data into the ring buffer. These routines place constants for display into the ring buffer. Call LogLock before calling any other logging routines, this synchronizes access to the ring buffer. After the values are logged, call LogUnlock to release synchronization with the logging driver. See API_Logging.h for the Logging API.

SD Card Support

* Micro SD support is not working yet. The beginnings of SD support were added.
* More to come ...


* Add OffsetBin, a program to add an offset to the address ranges specified in a BIN file.

Bug Fixes

* Removed the web-page sysgensettings.out since it was not always present and was breaking some builds.
* Don't wait for communications from the download server after serial downloads.
* Separate KITL from the wait for communications from the download server.
* Fix a bug in the LAN9117 driver the caused transmit to get out of sync with the chip by providing the wrong offset value.
* Fixed the Bluetooth chip reset.

by LeeLeahy
Oct 9, 2007
7:04 AM

Add GumStixII WEBOOT 4.1 with a base address of zero.

by LeeLeahy
Oct 4, 2007
1:23 PM

Add boot support for the LAN9117 Ethernet controller in EBoot, EBoot_In_Flash
and EBOOT_UBOOT. Downloads via the LAN9117 are as fast as 3 MBytes/Sec using
CELoad. Add the run-time driver for LAN9117 with sustained transfers as fast
as 2 MBytes/Sec.

Add the documentation for the consoleLCD-vx and netWIFImicro-sd boards.

Add the /BlockSize switch to CELoad, where blocksize is in the range of 512 to
1468 bytes/block. Update EBoot to support block sizes up to 1468 bytes.

Update the display driver to support missing display formats: 1, 24 and 32-bits
per pixel. Update the virtual display application to handle the new formats
and use a different compression algorithm. The largest compressed frame is
now the frame size + 4 bytes. The compression now handles 24-bit and 32-bit
display compression. These changes however require a new wire format which
makes CERHost the only program able to display the results.

Add links for the test applications so that they are now visible under the
programs menu.

Add rapid boot loader configuration support. This is a 5-step process that
is able to custom configure a boot loader and build it within 5 minutes. This
support requires Apache and PHP and the BootLoader web site pointing to

by natewaddoups
Sep 26, 2007
7:29 AM

Bluetooth still doesn't work, but...
Added a bunch of debug output to help understand why bluetooth isn't working.
Added code to attempt handshake w/ bluetooth device at every possible baud rate.
Removed some of the Ericsson code (still more to remove though).

by LeeLeahy
Aug 27, 2007
5:50 AM

Version updated to 5.952.
EBoot is able to write images into flash at 0x00060000 when IMGFLASH=1.
EBoot is able to boot images from NOR flash at 0x00060000.
WebSlacker2 is now displays the module, file and copy section lists.
WebSlacker2 also displays the registry and Config.bib, Platform.bib, .dat and .reg.
Release notes updated.

by LeeLeahy
Aug 20, 2007
3:43 AM

Support booting from a Compact Flash card.
Set the device name to GS270.
CELoad now honors the device name!
CeRHost works over Ethernet but does not work over USB yet.
Support KITL connections.

by dvescovi
Aug 17, 2007
12:12 AM

GumstixII - Corrected legacy WiFi mount problem

by dvescovi
(1 download)
Aug 16, 2007
7:47 PM

GumstixII - remove CleanWorkspace.bat

by dvescovi
(1 download)
Aug 16, 2007
7:47 PM

GumstixII - removed cleanWorkspace.bat and added cleanOsdesign.bat in tools.

by dvescovi
(1 download)
Aug 16, 2007
7:42 PM

GumstixII - Corrected CardResetSocket function in pcmsock.cpp that prevented some CF cards from mounting.

by dvescovi
(1 download)
Aug 16, 2007
12:27 PM

GumstixII - Added support for WiFiStix-CF
Added dual slot support to BSP.
New boot loader 4.1.
Revised kitl, PC Card driver, interrupt,ioctl and many boot loader files.
Revised platform.reg.
Added dual slot support to oemaddrtab_cfg.
Revised documentation for wifiStix-CF.

by LeeLeahy
Aug 7, 2007
3:19 PM

* Updated the boot loader images from 5.496 to 5.950 which include support
for booting from compact flash.

* Removed uboot.sre since it was very large and out of date.

* Added some CodePlex documentation.

* Use PPP_PEER instead of a fixed IP address for the ActiveSync connection.

* Added support to WebSlacker2 to display the BSP_ARGS structure from EBoot.

* Added source for CERHost, the PC tool for remote displays via TCP/IP.

* Added a display server to the virtual display driver to enable display
using TCP/IP and additional displays for debugging.

* Added volitale to the m_bRunning field in the thread control structure.

by natewaddoups
Aug 1, 2007
4:25 AM

Added GPIO setup for Bluetooth

by LeeLeahy
Jul 16, 2007
12:19 AM

Speed up the Ethernet receive path by a factor of 6.

Update WebSlacker2 to display the OEM Address Table and the virtual to
physical translations.

Renamed Dump.h to API_Dump.h

Changed the virtual memory layout to reserve more room for Flash.

Changed the boot loader memory layout to create space for the ARM vectors.

Add support to boot from Compact Flash flash cards.

by LeeLeahy
Jun 11, 2007
12:24 AM

Add a ReadMe file to help locate the release notes.

by LeeLeahy
Jun 10, 2007
10:49 PM

Ethernet driver is now starting to work. Update WebSlacker2 to display
the Table-of-Contents (TOC) and the hardware registers for:

* Clock
* Interrupt
* Memory

by dvescovi
Jun 5, 2007
9:00 PM

folder move

by dvescovi
Jun 5, 2007
8:50 PM

added C# example programs

by dvescovi
Jun 4, 2007
7:37 PM

Added support of flashing LED to LED notification driver