Blcommon ERROR: -3 - SDCARD BOOT

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Aug 2, 2008 at 4:04 PM
Hello i have a verdex XM4-BT, witha a netwifimicrosd and a consolelcd-vx and a samsung LCD, so i did make the step by step for starting wince from the SD card but says nex:

Microsoft Windows CE Bootloader Common Library Version 1.4 Built Mar 12 2008 09:
Watchdog Reset
For GumstixIII Verdex Platform  1.3 Built Mar 12 2008 09:22:08
PLATFORM INFO: XM4 Verdex @416Mhz
RAM INFO:Size 67108864
FLASH INFO:Size 16646144
FLASH INFO:Bytes per blocks: 131072 Number of blocks: 127
FLASH INFO:Sectors per blocks: 256 Data bytes per sector: 512
Serial number: 01040088441E92ba
Configuring ConsoleLCD18...Configured w/USB client.
Configuring Bluetooth...Configured.
Configuring netMicro-SD...LAN9118: Chip Id 117 Revision 2
Auto Negotiation done
LAN9117 Mac = 00-12-33-55-CC-AA
Configured w/WiFi.
XM4 platform Configured!

Press [ENTER] to launch image stored on SD/MMC or [SPACE] to cancel.

Initiating image launch in 0 seconds.
Launching file resident image  ...
INFO: Trying to locate/initialize MMC/SD Memory card...
INFO: Performing SD/MMC slot initialization.
INFO: No card detected.
ERROR: Failed to detect or initialize image boot device.
Blcommon ERROR: -3
Press any key to reset.

so, befor i did put the SD card on the win xp, format id and paste the NK.BIN provided for the GumstixIII_BIN SDK V1_3 on GumstixIII_BIN SDK V1_3\Image\NK.bin  instalation folder.

What is happening?

Thanks for your help...

Aug 3, 2008 at 3:16 AM
You are posting to the wrong web site. Try