Serial loading of Eboot

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Jan 1, 2008 at 7:47 AM
Hi all, thanks in advance for any info. Im working with a verdex BT motherboard, a samsung LCD and a ConsoleLCD-VX. So no ethernet. I have it connected with a serial cable and im trying to follow the instructions to load Eboot into the boot sector. the instructions tell me to send EBOOTUBOOT.sre using loads and run it with go a2000000. this all makes sense to me, i am using hyperterm, i found somewhere else that i should use kermit for loads, however when i try to transmit i get an error about the send protocol. after trying all the protocols i gave up and used loady and the right protocol, this seemed to work, it transmited however when i issuse go a2000000 the system just hangs. as i understand it EBOOTUBOOT.sre runs in ram and then downloads files of the ethernet or serial and stores them in the boot sector. so what i was wondering is why cant i just "protect off 1:0-1" unprotect the boot sector, send Ebootinflash.bin to load y then "era 1:0-1" erase the boot sector and "cp.b a2000000 0 ${filesize}" copy the sent eboot file into the boot sector and reprotect the sector? i want to try it but i know if i fail it wont be the commands to erase the boot sector and i would be left with a gumstix with nothing in the boot and brick my motherboard. so i wanted to know from people more knowledgeable than myself if this would work and if not what i need to do to load eboot with just serial, and im fine with it taking a while to send. thanks everbody!
Jan 5, 2008 at 9:07 AM
nevermind, i just figured it out and got eboot working, i gave up on hyperterm and used tera term and imediatly was up and running, the problem was hyperterm had no general send file command as far as i could see. using teraterms and making sure to check binary only go me going.