Newbie questions on how to start using DrumStix

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Dec 18, 2007 at 3:15 PM
Hi, I'm new to Codeplex and really interested in your project. I first would like to congratulate all project contributors cause seems a really good idea to embedd Windows CE in such an small and cheap boards like Gumstix.

I've got some experience in developing applications for Windows Mobile devices, but really newbie to Gumstx. My idea is to code in high-level programming language (C# with Compact Framework for example) and be able to run this code in lowcost boards like Gumstix. Don't know if your project can let me do this.

As fas as I understand, if I wanted to start using your project, I should buy a Gumstix board (which do you recommend?) and then should "install" (suppose it's not so trivial) you downloadable package.

I would really appreciate if you could confirm me these points and if you could give me some little advices or hints around how to start with your project.

Thanks very much in advance.