A couple of newbe questions...

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Sep 24, 2007 at 9:22 PM
Hi there.

I'm very interested in working with the platform Gumstix/WinCE, despite my lack of knowlodge about Windows CE. My background as developer is programming assembler for microcontrollers and C# for desktop application. So i hope i could be helped with a couple o 'newbe' questions:

1. Can a third part API (a device's SDK) written in C++ be used on Windows CE?. Although this is a simple task in .NET via Pinvoke, i don't know if winCE supports the C++ dll itself. This API uses serial ports (you pass to it the string with de name of port: COM1, COM4, etc) to communicate with the device. I understand WinCE includes a subset of Win32 API, but i wonder if it will be enough..

2. I know that with Drumstix/.NET is easy to write and read the processor registers. Does it mean that i could write a driver for LCD, for instance, if i got the timing and latency info, etc, from the datasheet?. I want to include the Samsung LCD on sale in the Gumstick site in my project.

Thanks a lot for your valuable help.
Oct 19, 2007 at 6:38 AM
Just to say hi...and make a little bump on my thread ; )