GumstixII CE 6.0 2.0 Beta release

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May 31, 2007 at 12:46 AM
Edited May 31, 2007 at 12:48 AM
This is my "Clean" port to Windows Embedded CE 6.0. I did this port several months back when CE 6.0 was still
in beta. I just now brought it up to date. I tried to follow a lot of the BSP best practices as outlined by
Travis Hobrla in his MEDC 2007 presentation. Things like moving all chip specific code to a SOC directory etc.
Although I made a few tweaks and changed the version number of the boot loader, it is basically the CE 5.0
version. Even the old CE 5.0 boot loader can load CE 6.0 images. There are no architectural differences or
dependences between the boot loaders under CE 5.0 and CE 6.0.
There are a lot of new security features available in CE 6.0 that don’t have much use in a closed system like
would be used with the Gumstix. (Except to makes the kernel a lot bigger!) . Indeed you can see the “Windows
Mobile” influence on this release of CE. That being said the Visual Studio integration is well worth the
price of admission.
Support for all the original drivers are available. In some cases the drivers needed to be tweaked to run
under CE 6.0.
Support for dynamic driver loading, persistent registry and Flash disk is also available.
Added also is support for the FFUART (ship builds only), BTUART and HWUART. Some restrictions apply. See the
Serial KITL is also working which is great if you don’t have an Ethernet setup.
Support for the Atheros AR6000 CF WiFi module is also available.

Known issues:
1: The WiFiStix has not been tested. I only have access to the binary dll supplied by Marvell. This was
developed under CE 5.0, It probably will work but I have not tested it.
2: The PBA31308 version of the Bluetooth module (the latest) is not working. There is an easy work around but
I would like to get the auto detection working. I do not have a version to test with so the auto sense
probably does not work. If any one have one of these available on a debug (Connex w/Ethernet) Email me and
maybe we can get it working.
3: There is a new remote display driver and client available in CE 6.0 but its performance is really bad so I
am still using the old CE 5.0 version.

I will post some example OS Designs and prebuilt images soon.

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BTW we need testers!!!

David Vescovi