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Project Description: A community project that was initiated by WE-DIG to create Windows CE Board Support Packages (BSPs). This BSP was written to support the GumStix and Verdex boards (info at It was written for Windows Embedded CE 5.0 and 6.0.

About WE-DIG
This community project is sponsored by the Windows Embedded Developers Interest Group (WE-DIG). For details on WE-DIG, see WE-DIG Web Site.

This project provides a Board Support Package (BSP) for Windows Embedded CE 6.0. A BSP provides the software "glue" that allows Windows CE to run on a specific hardware platform. This particular BSP is for the Gumstix single-board computer (SBC). You can find more information about the Gumstix platform here Gumstix Web Site.

Genesis of the Project
The project started when a member, Nate Waddoup, was working on a robotics project. He had been exploring the Gumstix SBC, but noticed that it had one glaring flaw: it only had one operating system on it. And that operating system - Linux - was not quite to Nate's liking. He told us about the problem, and we agreed that we could do better. And so, the WE-DIG group in Seattle started to explore ways to get Windows CE 5.0 to run on the platform.

CE 5.0 BSP
It turns out, however, that there was already someone who was working to build a BSP for the GumStix system. And that person was David Vescovi, who created and supports the Windows CE 5.0 BSP. It is located on the GotDotNet site, and you can find it here: GotDotNet Project for CE 5.0.
Note:The CE 5.0 archive files from the retired GotDotNet site have been re-hosted here. DV 4/20/07

Project DrumStix
While discussing the project, some members of the WE-DIG board kept getting confused about the product name. We kept calling it "Drumstix" instead of "Gumstix". And so, we decided to call this "Project DrumStix". That way, we always know what we are talking about - whether we say "gumstix" or "drumstix." Whichever term we use, we are always right!

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